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All terms and conditions are applied to the agreement made on the Opulent Lenses website. When purchasing from Opulent lenses you are agreeing to our terms and conditions stated below. These conditions are formally accepted by the purchaser at the time of purchase. It is strictly forbidden to resell any Opulent Lenses products without permission from Opulent Lenses to do so.

1 - Consulting with your eye care professional

When purchasing from Opulent Lenses you are confirming that you have consulted with your eye care professional to find out if cosmetic contact lenses are suitable for your eyes. Opulent Lenses does not provide lenses for astigmatism or any eyesight condition. Currently all lenses are strictly cosmetic and it is important that you determine if this product is fine for your use prior to purchasing.

2 - Customs charges, duties and taxes

Please note that every customer is responsible for their own countries customs, duties and taxes. Opulent Lenses is not responsible to pay the taxes on your behalf and it is the sole responsibility of the customer to be aware of what rules and regulations as well as customs and taxes their country upholds. Every country has different duties and taxes and Opulent Lenses has no control over this or is responsible for.

3 - Ordering

After ordering the customer will receive an email with a confirmation and order summary. This email makes the contract between Opulent Lenses and the customer binding.

4 - Shipping

The customer is solely responsible for the address details that they provide to Opulent Lenses at the time of purchase. Opulent Lenses holds no responsibility for inaccurate address information. The customer is liable for any shipping costs associated with re-sending the parcel to the customer if and once it is returned to us. Once a parcel is shipped out to the customer it is entirely the customer’s responsibility to monitor the shipment and sort out any shipping issues if need be.

5 - Product availability and dispatch times

Opulent Lenses has a strict 2 business day processing time. Within these 2 business days your order will be processed and sent out. Once your order has been shipped you will receive an email with your tracking information from the shipping provider. For overseas orders the email will be from DHL and for Australian customers the email will be from AUSPOST.

6 - Expected delivery time

Opulent Lenses provides its customers with expected delivery times. However, this is only an estimation and Opulent Lenses has no control over external factors which could delay the delivery of an item.

7 - Responsibility

Once an item has been shipped, the purchaser agrees to take full responsibility for their parcel. This includes tracking and monitoring your item, paying any duties and taxes and solving any other shipping related issues.

8 - Liability

Opulent Lenses has aimed to display lens colours and information with the utmost precision and accuracy. All pictures are taken on dark brown eyes. However, colours do vary based on different screen monitors and different eye colours. Please read product descriptions for more details regarding the lens of your choice.

9 - Change of mind, exchange and returns

Opulent Lenses does not accept returns or exchanges based on changes of mind once the item has been opened. When purchasing a lens colour, you are making that choice and therefore if you don’t like the colour or had a change of mind we do not hold any responsibility nor will be exchange or replace the colour for you. If an item is unopened and undamaged, we will accept an exchange within 21 business days. Opulent Lenses will inspect the box and lenses to ensure they are undamaged and unopened, only then will an exchange be approved. In the case of a defective lens, Opulent Lenses will change the lens for the customer free of charge. You must first contact Opulent Lenses regarding the defect with a picture of the defective lens as well as your order information. Opulent Lenses will then determine how to proceed and has the right to reject the claim if we believe the damage was caused by the purchaser and not a defective lens. Refunds will be issued once an item is returned to Opulent Lenses undamaged. Opulent Lenses has up to 90 days to issue a refund.

10 - Personal information

The personal information a customer has enclosed to us at the time of purchase is safely stored in our database. Information is treated for the sole purpose of after-sale services, correcting information and for business contacts. Your information is not shared with any external party.

11 - Case of jurisdiction

In the event of a legal dispute, the place of jurisdiction will be Sydney, Australia.

12 - Resolving customer disputes

Opulent Lenses will do it’s very best to accommodate and resolve any dispute raised by a customer.

13 - Copyright

Everything found on is copyrighted and property of Opulent Lenses. No information, photos, data or product is to be used without the written consent of Opulent Lenses.

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