Opulent Lenses

You meet someone every day. At the bus stop or in your Uber... At work or at school... Sometimes, you speak with words, and sometimes just with your eyes. With Opulent Lenses, Let your eyes do the talking... Let your inner goddess shine through. You are made of stardust, you are that flash of genius, you are the universe in human form. Why settle for less when you can speak a thousand words through the brilliance of your eyes?

Opulent Lenses

Like most teenagers, sisters Sara Mansour and Summer Shawkey were just beginning to experiment with their style and looks through make up and fashion. Although these two things were a huge part of their discovery process, the turning point was discovering coloured contact lenses. Not only did this elevate their appearance but it added a huge boost to their confidence. With coloured contacts they felt that they stood out from the rest.

Unfortunately, what they would soon realise was that most coloured contact lenses in stores were unnatural looking as they had colours and patterns that were a far cry from natural iridesecent eyes. In fact most coloured contact had not been updated to reflect the latest trends and user demand for natural, undetectable coloured lenses.

Opulent Lenses was created as a problem-solving product for Generation Z and Millennials who view eyewear products to be as much a part of the fashion and beaty statement they want to make. Lenses are no longer a niche product, but have been increasingly making their presence felt in the cosmetic industry. They are as much a part of a person's style statement as the latest accessory or gadget. The sister founder duo of Sara and Summer are disrupting the status quo of the traditionally monotone optical industry, by integrating style and contemporary trends into their products.

Gen Z and Millenials are always on the lookout for products that only make them look good, but also make them feel great. At Opulent Lenses we understand this, we aspire to be the go-to brand for affordable coloured contacts that make the wearer feel confident and ready to take on the world.

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