Refunds & Return Policy

When ordering from our online store, you are confirming that you have consulted your Eye Care Specialist.

Opulent Lenses will only accept returns if the lenses are found to be factory defective or lost in transit. We cannot replace your lenses if you do not like the color, style or parameters. We can not replace or refund your lenses if you have provided us with the incorrect shipping address and therefor your item has been delivered to an incorrect address. We can not refund or exchange any lenses which have been opened other for the reason that you believe they are defective. Defective lenses must be returned before we can exchange them and may only be exchanged for the exact same lens style and color.

If you believe you have received a defective lens, you will need to do the following:
Contact Opulent Lenses Customer Service Department via our contact us on our website form or via on: email
Provide us with your full name, invoice number and information regarding the issue you are facing with the lens. Please send us a picture of the lenses you believe are defective also.

Opulent Lenses will provide you with a return address and then you must:

  1. Return the defective lenses to Opulent Lenses, AS WELL AS the package box and blisters.
  2. If you have opened the blisters, place the lenses in a lens case with contact lens solution and return them to us with the box and include the opened blisters.

Please note that returning defective lenses must be sent within seven days from the time that the customer initially contacted Opulent Lenses Customer Service Department to report the defect and we suggest you send via tracked shipping so you can keep track of the return until delivery.

If you do not follow the instructions above, WE WILL NOT be able to replace your lenses or issue a refund.

Upon receipt of the lens, Opulent Lenses will send the defective lens to the Manufacturer, who will examine each lens and check them for protein deposits which indicate whether the lens was defective and or used. If there is a scratch or tear on the lens which is determined to be other then a manufacturing defect and the lenses were used, the manufacturer may not replace the lens. The customer will carry shipping charges for returns of lenses.

If an item is lost in transit:

If you believe your item has been lost in transit, first contact your local postal service and quote your tracking ID. They will be able to tell you where your order is and what the issue is. If you still can not locate your order please contact us and we will do our best to locate your parcel. First Opulent Lenses must open an investigation with your local postal service and DHL Australia. Once we have received an outcome from the shipping provider we will issue the customer a refund based on that outcome.

If you believe your item has been lost in transit you must contact us within 21 days from the day your item was dispatched. Please note tracking is entirely your responsibility and you must keep track of your parcel in order to determine if there is any issue with delivery early on in the process so we can aim to solve it for you. If your item has been returned to us due to your address being incorrect or unsafe for delivery. Opulent Lenses will refund your money or issue you with a gift card excluding shipping cost only once the items have been returned to us which could take up to 90 days as the items are not sent back with priority.

Once an item has been dispatched from our warehouse in Sydney, Australia and reached your country your local postal service handles delivery. Please contact your local postal service and provide them with your tracking ID. They will be able to advise you if there is an issue with delivery or if the item has been returned to us due to an issue with delivery.

We are sorry to have to impose such strict rules and guidelines however this is done to ensure fairness amongst all customers and related parties.

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