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30% More Comfortable
& Blended Lenses

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Sometimes, you speak with words, and sometimes just with your eyes, with Opulent Lenses, let your eyes do the talking...

Where you're after a subtle change or a more dramatic transformation, Opulent lenses will enhance your look in the blink of an eye. Designed to adapt your natural eye colour, making the lenses almost undetectable whilst giving you a completely new look.

Available in 6 super natural colours with monthly, 3-months & yearly duration

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Bundle It Up!

Mix & Match your favourite lenses, choose two or three pairs and pay less with our bundle offers

Save 33% On Double Bundle

Get 2 pairs of your favourite lenses & pay less.

Save 33% On Triple Bundle

Get 3 pairs of your favourite lenses & pay less.

Care Guide

Soft Contact Lenses for daily wear is a device made of polymer materials and intended to be worn directly against the eye. Make sure to check our proper care guide of your lenses

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